Average Joes Entertainment, a Nashville-based entertainment company, launched with flagship artist Colt Ford in the fourth quarter of 2008. By the middle of 2011, AJE had achieved over 7 million Sales (physical and digital). Average Joes Entertainment has grown into a powerhouse indie label/entertainment company which houses three record labels, a management company, a publishing entity and a film and television production company, Hideout Pictures.

The record company roster of artists includes Colt Ford, Montgomery Gentry, The LACS, Lenny Cooper, Sarah Ross, Moonshine Bandits, Charlie Farley, Cypress Spring, Tommy Chayne, Devin Burris, Cap Bailey, and the popular Mud Digger Series.

Film and television projects produced by Hideout Pictures include the film, “Super Zeroes,” and the scripted CMT series, “Still The King.”
In addition, the company recently partnered with the extreme off-road Mega Truck Race Series which provides exciting family race events coupled with a live music festival.