The Joes

You could say we’re an eclectic group; Let me introduce you …

Publicity/Marketing Dept.

Claire and Kristin, also known as the two-headed publicity monster, are the two publicists at Average Joes. As with most companies these days, they wear many hats. From publicity and marketing, to artist development and artist management, they are involved in all aspects of managing the brand.

Claire has a gigantic cat – Grizzly. He was rescued at 3 weeks old, bottlefed and now he’s nine, 15 pounds and sheds like crazy. The other half of the two-headed publicity monster is Kristin. A classically trained pianist, Kristin fits perfectly in the country rap world. Kristin loves her dog, Olive, the coolest dog you’ve ever met.

We’ve been told she and I make a great team. We shared an office for 3 years working 3 feet from each other. Laughter really is a big part of our work-day life – the best part. We laugh all the time and come up with the craziest ideas, a necessity these days to cut through the noise.

Digital Marketing Team

The marketing team has a dedicated wing separate from the rest of the company. They are hidden away so they can get their work done. Dude, the resident dog-in-chief, shares the corner office with the head of Marketing, Wix — a former professional comedian and radio promo guy (the perfect combination to spearhead the marketing department). Fans will recognize Wix from his entertaining cameo appearances in numerous Average Joes’ videos.

And then there’s Andrew, our token ginger, who is constantly coming up with new ways to connect with our consumers. He brings with him a fresh perspective on digital marketing. He’s a badass from the Badlands straight from the heartland of North Dakota.

All of Average Joes’ artists tour constantly which necessitates massive amounts of tour marketing. Enter Jamie – one of the original Average Joes. She is integrally involved in all aspects of an artist’s touring business and management.

Content Team

Our brilliantly creative content department spends endless hours defining our brand. Collectively, their creative brains are tasked with stretching the boundaries and delivering compelling, clickable content. The team consists of video editors, special effects, production staff and others. Troy, Ed, Forrest, Colby and Eric hold down the creative department and keep the Que moving along.

From music videos, to TV shows, to graphics and all kinds of content, this department is prolific. They also like to have fun and can sometimes be found in our warehouse on the zip line, playing ping pong, basketball, nerf gun wars and a myriad of other activities to get the creative juices flowing.

Another original Average Joe is Rachel who’s been here since the beginning (almost 10 years now). She also wears many hats – day-to-day management, administration, developing tv show ideas, etc. She knows where the bones are buried.



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