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Mud Digger – Volume 8


Colt Ford – Love Hope Faith 


The Lacs – American Rebelution


Moonshine Bandits – Baptized in Bourbon


Cypress Spring – Denim


Charlie Farley – The Bonfire Sessions


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Charlie Farley’s  “Southern Comfort”, “Summer Summertime”, and “Concrete Dreams” were added to the Field Party playlist on Spotify.  Listen now below!

The Lacs’ songs, “Tonight on Repeat” and “Back to Georgia” from their Outlaw In Me album were added to the Field Party Playlist! Find them here!

Demun Jones’ song “My Town” and Moonshine Bandits’ songs “Outback” and “Dead Man’s Hand” were just added to the Field Party Playlist! Listen to them here!

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Twang and Round’s songs “The Holler” and “Take a Ride With Me” were added to the Field Party Playlist! Listen below!

The Cleverlys released their new EP, Cash Crop, and you can hear it now below!!

Listen to Racket County’s new album, “Welcome to Dodge City” here and now on Spotify!!

Twang and Round’s most recent album, Take A Ride With Me is on Spotify! Listen now below!

Check out the new summer EP, “Ice Cold Summer,” featuring tracks by Colt Ford, Trailer Choir, The LACS, Charlie Farley, Cypress Spring and Cap Bailey on Spotify! Check it out below!

Demun Jones released his new album “#Beast” this year and it’s on Spotify! Listen here!

Charlie Farley’s second album “All I’ve Been Through” released in April 2016 is on Spotify! Hear the entire album below!

Hear all of the great classics from Colt Ford on his Greatest Hits Album, “Answer To No One: The Colt Ford Classics” on Spotify! Listen to all of the great songs right here!!

Moonshine Bandits’ awesome new album, Blacked Out is now on Spotify! Hear all the songs here!

Catch up on The Lacs 4th studio album, “Outlaw In Me” now on Spotify! Listen to the hit songs below!