Moonshine Bandits Release New Album + New Video Coming Monday

Moonshine Bandits Release New Album + New Video Coming Monday


We’ve always been entertainers first, songwriters second. Now I feel like our songwriting has caught up to the entertainment part of who we are.

Moonshine Bandits New Album Baptized in Bourbon charts at #3 on iTunes, and for a good reason. The duo has always claimed themselves to be performers first, and songwriters second — but that was then, and this is now.

Just recently, the duo have gone from bus tours to “weekend jaunts”. Their “blu-core” fanbase is growing exponentially and along with it, their artistry. The new album showcases that, with a slew of gifted guest artists like, David Allan Coe on “Take This Job“! Listen to “Take This Job,” one of our favorite songs from the Bandits’ new album, on Youtube:

Other gifted artists on the Album Baptized in Bourbon include, Crucifix on the slamming “I’m A Hellrazor,” Bubba Sparxxx on “51Fifty,” The Lacs on “Cards I Was Dealt,” Uncle Kracker on “Baptized In Bourbon,” Colt Ford and Outlaw on “Dad’s Pontoon,” Matt Borden on “Shook Me Up,” Jelly Roll on “Wild Ones””.

Expect to see much more of these guys! It’s an exciting time for The Moonshine Bandits, and their success isn’t stopping here. Sample and purchase Baptized In Bourbon below!

Get Moonshine Bandits’ New Album, Baptized in Bourbon at Walmart or your favorite digital download store:

Download on iTunes HERE

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