Hunting with the Average Joes



Hear more Average Joes artist’s music below: 

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Shout out to kunckleenergy195 for using The Lacs “Old River Road” in their video while they created a duck blind for hunting season!

Hear TWO of Colt Ford’s songs; “Dirt Road Anthem” and “Huntin’ the World” in huntersponrun‘s rabbit hunting video from the 2010-2011 huntning season!

Take the “Country Road” with The Lacs and the Archery Assassins Prostaff group while they search for their Thanksgiving prize!

 Listen to The Lacs, “Let Your Country Hang Out” with this BOR Outdoors Introduction for the great hunting season!

Shout out to topnotchadventures for using Colt Ford’s “We Like To Hunt” song in their moose and black bear hunting video! 

Colt Ford’s “Huntin’ The World” is a popular song for everyone during the hunting season! Thanks to Landon’s Channel! for using the song to celebrate his first 100 subscribers!

Shout out to Hugh Hancock for using Colt Ford’s “Drop Zone” in his video! It works perfectly with all those snow geese falling from the sky!

Colt Ford’s song “Ain’t Out of the Woods Yet” feat. Montgomery Gentry was featured in this awesome Alberta elk hunt video! check out to Alberta’s Outdoor Hunting channel for more video’s featuring our artist’s songs! 

Shout out to Kody Graves for using Demun Jones’ “Backyard Lullaby” feat. Noah Gordon in this awesome hunting video!

 SouthernInferno used Colt Ford’s “Ride Through the Country” in his video featuring Illinois bucks!

Colt Ford’s “Hey Yall” feat. Randy Houser was used in Alberta Outdoors Hunting‘s video about hunting black bears! Thank You!

The Lacs title track song from the album 190 Proof was used in Ian Kilbourn‘s hog hunting video on YouTube!

We are loving‘s use of Colt Ford’s “Huntin’ the World” in their great bear hunt video!

Go bow hunting with Austin Mass and his group in this video that features our artist, Colt Ford’s “Huntin’ the World” song!

Watch a typical day at Southern Empre Whitetails farm and enjoy listening to TWO Colt Ford songs; “Farm Life” and “Workin’ On!”

You get six for one with this video! It features six of our artists and three songs! Shout out to Bryant Haakenson for using all of them in this one video!

Watch todddllf and his group deer hunt at Hurricane Creek Lodge and listen to Colt Ford’s “Huntin’ the World” featured in the video! 

Shout out to BowHunter1211 for using Colt Ford’s most used hunting song, “Huntin’ the World” in this video! Also congrats to Isaiah on his first deer.

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