Facebook isn’t just for staying in touch with your nearest and dearest. Here’s how to use Facebook for professional networking.

Facebook isn’t just for staying in touch with your nearest and dearest. Here’s how to use Facebook for professional networking.

Facebook Groups have fewer commercial features than Facebook Pages, but they are still very useful especially for online communities. Use a Facebook group to bring people together in your field, become a valuable contributor to that community and promote yourself and your company. Facebook Groups let you share pictures, video and links just like a normal account but it’s all within the group. Another benefit of groups is that they allow you to email all group members very easily (this is not the case for Pages).
Facebook Pages are for brands, ranging from Coca Cola to Rolls-Royce and even Brand You. These pages are similar to your normal profile but slightly less personal and better suited for a public persona and indeed a job seeker. You get full access to analytics tools on your Page, allowing you to see what people click on and how they interact. Another benefit is that your page will rank high for your name in search engines like Bing and Google and you can use it for your professional career, keeping your personal profile locked down.

Industry Facebook groups to join

Music Biz Besties-1,102 members
This is a private group for female musicians & industry leaders hosted by Katherine Forbes.

Music Promotions for Independent Artists-20,105 members
To share new and undiscovered music. Any music promotions encouraged.

Nashville Music Industry– 1,775 members
This group is open to everyone who is in any way involved in the Nashville Music Industry.

This is a music group for country music lovers all of you are welcome to our musical family…..you can post, play and share country music that you like from any decade. 

Leaders of Music Row-70 members
This group is a representation of the women leaders working in the Nashville music industry. This site is here to encourage networking. Feel free to share what your working on so we can all cheer you on!

Country Music USA– 27,673 members 
This group is open to all country music, and all music players., and Christian music Feel free to post all you want, and everyone is welcome. Feel free to add your friends, everyone is friendly.

Music Promoting Only– 81,026 members
This page is for promoting your craft! So promote on people! If you don’t like someone’s craft, who cares, they’re looking for fans not haters!

This group is for the promotion and enjoyment of Country Music.

Nashville Music Pros– 835 members
A group for professionals who work together and help make Music City happen.

The Music Plug– 7,765 members 
-The Music Plug . Artist Promoting, Sharing and Networking.

16,246 members 
A place for independent artists of all types of music to support each other

Nashville Music Connection
3,548 members
Welcome to the NASHVILLE MUSIC CONNECTION !! We also welcome everyone to share, Listen, Connect, Support each other & Make New Friends & Fans in here.

Nashville Live Music Events
2,399 members 
This Group is for you to Post your gigs for people to see where you are playing.

Music Industry — Career Networking Group!
8,004 members

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