Cypress Spring Releases Debut Album, Denim

Cypress Spring Releases Debut Album, Denim

The highly anticipated DEBUT full length album from Cypress Spring is available now!  Denim features 12 songs including the hit single Way Of Life (feat. The Lacs & Danny Boone), Drop A Tailgate (feat. Colt Ford), and the title track Denim.  Download now below!

Denim, the new album from Cypress Spring featuring the hits Way of Life and Drop a Tailgate



1. Country Boy Swag

2. Drop a Tailgate (feat. Colt Ford)

3. Denim

4. Way of Life (feat. The Lacs & Danny Boone)

5. She Gets Rowdy

6. How We Ride (feat. Charlie Farley)

7. Hell of a Time

8. Run Through It

9. Country Girl Twerk

10. Whose Truck Is That?

11. Bump in Her Country

12. Bootleg Style

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