Average Dogs

One really cool thing about working at Average Joes Entertainment? DOGS. Yep, that’s right. The office is crawling with the cutest canine companions you could ever imagine.

There’s Dude, a beautiful bull/boxer mix with eyes that’ll make your knees buckle and our resident-dog-in-chief. Dude’s human is Wix, who is head of the marketing department and arranged his office purely for Dude’s love of sun spots. Dude loves a good swim, her disc, and long rides in her human’s ’67 Cadillac convertible. Every morning upon Dude’s arrival to work, the marketing department takes turns giving morning rub-downs and whispering sweet nothings into her floppy ears.


Olive, a fluffy boarder-collie mix who’s known for having one black eye and one white eye, is quite possibly the most beautiful dog that has ever lived. This stunning specimen proudly prances from office to office begging for treats and belly rubs. She owns Kristin, a member of the two-headed publicity monster. Along with free snacks and begging for belly rubs, Olive loves walks, water and 4-hour naps. Her delightful personality has been known to win over the toughest of cat-people.


Ducky and Rupert are adopted siblings who live with Rachel, one of AJE’s originals. Ducky, a precious seven-year old sheltie mix, graces the office with her dainty gait as often as she can. She can’t wait to visit everyone in the morning and she gets more treats than she knows what to do with.  Rupert, Ducky’s younger puppy-brother, is an 80-pound hunk of love whose excitement about coming to work is unmatched by any other canine, or human for that matter.


Nash is the office giant.  He’s 100 pounds of solid muscle whose bark sounds like a freight train.  Rest assured, however, the only thing scary about Nash is the length of his tongue when he’s licking you in the face. Nash’s human is Colby who freely spoils his canine friend with all the snacks and cuddles he can muster.


Meomi and Froto are the newest additions to the Average Dogs who hit the jackpot when their human, Carey, recently gave them a place to finally call home. Froto is a lazy, long-faced basset hound whose love for naps might just trump his love for snacks. His sister, Meomi, is much more excited to come to the office than Froto, though she, too, loves a good treat and nap. They both end up snoozing on their mom’s couch for most of the day and wouldn’t have it any other way.


Popeye The One-Eyed Pup just may be the most special of the Average Dogs. He’s a Boston Terrier rescue who’s completely blind but gets around just fine. Eric is Popeye’s human and works on the Average Joes Content team.  Eric and Popeye recently moved to Charlotte and now work remotely, but thankfully, they still send regular photos and updates. Along with being darn cute and cuddly, Popeye loves to play with his toys and nap in his dad’s lap.


Luna and Ollie are in charge of Average Joes’ satellite office in sunny Sarasota, FL. Their human, Doug, applies doggy sunscreen daily and helps them onto their floatie of choice. True water dogs, Luna and Ollie are due a trip up to the home office in Nashville to show off their tans and partake in some free belly rubs and tasty treats.


Then there’s Mobley. She’s a little different from most dogs. Her dad, Zues, runs Keystone Studios at Average Joes. Mobley prefers to sit safely in boxes. She likes the juice from tuna cans and is addicted to catnip. Her pastime is chasing Nerf darts across the room and she’s really good at it. She doesn’t come to the office because the majority of the previous mentioned dogs can’t help but chase her and that would terrify the daylights out of her.

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