newcoltporchThe Boot-by Alanna Conaway: Rhett Akins talks to The Boot about Colt Ford‘s latest single, ‘Chicken and Biscuits,’ which the two singers co-wrote with songwriter Ben Hayslip.

This was the first time Ben and I had written with Colt. It was like 9:00 AM, and Colt came in with a box of fried chicken and biscuits! [laughs] He raps, so we asked him how it works for us to write with him. He said, “Well I figure y’all would write the chorus, and I would write the rap part.” I was like, “You don’t understand … Ben and I grew up together, and we were like the original Beastie Boys! We were writing rap songs before the Beastie Boys ever came out! We want to write the rap part, too!” I don’t think Colt trusted us. I was like, “No, seriously … Ben and I can rap!” [laughs]

We started singing all these old songs that we wrote like in the ninth grade — all these rap songs. Colt was like, “That’s cool! Okay, so what are we going to write about?” We had no idea what to write about. Then I looked at what Colt was eating, and I said, “Dude, we’ve got to write a song called ‘Chicken and Biscuits.’ Who comes in at 9 o’clock in the morning eating fried chicken for breakfast?!” He says, “Well how are we going to write a song about chicken and biscuits?” I just laughed and said, “I don’t know …” Then Ben jumps in and was like, “Well we’ve got to put a girl in it!” That’s what we always say ever since we wrote ‘Put a Girl In It’ (Brooks & Dunn).

So we had to somehow turn a song about chicken and biscuits and put a girl in it somewhere. We sat around, and we thought about it. Then it came to us … you love this girl so much, and she’s everything to you that you can’t get enough … kind of like chicken and biscuits! I can’t get enough of chicken and biscuits, and I can’t get enough of this girl. The end of the chorus is “Lord have mercy I love her kisses, and I can’t get enough … kind of like chicken and biscuits.”

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