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Come through banging pipes loud like a lion

King of the jungle got them 44's whining
Main street mogul small town hero
Have I ever been stuck let me think zero
Big crate motor got so many ponies
Peddle to the metal makes a country girl want me
Looking like a star sitting bout ten feet
All turnt up to this truck step beat
That country boy swag got the girls all lit up
What you want to do to get up in this pick up
Throw your hands up like it's a stick up
Better buckle up I'm gonna tear this shit up
Lord have mercy I'm goin' insane
Truck so big takin' up two lanes
Trucks so jacked like I'm flyin' a plane
Let me hear yall yell if ya know what I'm sayin'
Tell me what yall wanna do, jack em up, jack em up
Tell me where yall gonna put em
in da mud, in da mud
Tell me when you know its hot
We turn it up, turn it up
Tell these folks how we roll in a truck, in a truck X2
Take laps around town got everybody lookin'
Engine growlin' like a bear got that motor oil cookin'
Stereo bumpin' dirt road on blast
My southern drawls slow my truck goes fast
Ain't never been scared call me mister no fear
More tort than a tank when I drop in low gear
Lookin' like a star sittin' bout ten feet
All turnt up to this truck step beat
Hey country girl do you wanna ride high
Make em all jealous when we roll by
Dirt road duo like Bonnie and Clyde
Slide on over to me lets ride
Back road mud hole we run through it
If you know me then you already knew it
Big bad truck that's how I do it
Turn up yall come on yall get to it
Don't want no asphalt, black top, white lines, speed limit
Let me get a back road muddy hole all up in it
Keep it really redneck, we comin' hard, we come correct
Actin' like a boss yall I'm crankin' up this truck step.

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