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He killed what he ate

And brewed what he drank
Listened to Colt, Jerry Reid and Hank
A bear of a man hardly left the woods
A six foot four solid right when he stood
He�d hunt with a hatchet and his own bare hands
Refused welfare only lived off the land
Drove an 87-dodge straight pipes out the back
Stocked his house with white tail racks
He�s a rebel
A redneck
Grew up in sticks a standard American, sum bitch
His shirt says Veil but his real names Fred
Got grease on his hands and sweat on his head
Pants soiled black and arms all scared
And knuckles more busted then his credit card
Spends weekdays workin� under the hood
He�s got mouths to feed and he knows he should
Come Friday at five he�ll collect that pay
Pop a top on a cold one at the end of the day
He�s blue collar, a sinner, and can�t decide which
A standard American, sum bitch
He drives a peter built with 18 wheels
The ICC hot on his heels
Runnin� them roads
Since age 18 ain�t a city limit sign he hasn�t seen
Grindin� them gears heavy down the line
He�s enslaved to the law the law and time
Make it home for two days sleep
Then it�s back to his cockpit and air ride seat
He�s a driver
a highwayman
Loves his woman and two kids
A standard American, sum bitch
He ain�t heard too good since 67
Flew a chopper nicknamed the stairway to heaven
Got an m16 hacks up black tar
Vietnam plates on the back of his car
He don�t talk too much and he don�t waste words
But when he does ya damn sure better know he�s heard
A ponytail a little thin up top
Rolls his own for 10 cents a pop
He�s a solider, a veteran
Beat up a bit
A standard American, sum bitch
You can call me a redneck call me a hick
Say I�m a drunk messed up just a bit
But the flag I fly�s got the stars and stripes
Test my freedom I�ll be down for a fight
We are the backbone, blue collar workin� tryin� to earn a dollar
First one that feeds our kids standard American, sum bitch
Country boy survive
mess with my family ill cut ya and gut ya
And tie your hide
Set you on fire and watch you burn alive

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