LoCash Cowboys’ self-titled debut album is now available for pre-order! Set to release on June 18, the album is jammed packed with something for everybody. The boys turn it up with “C.O.U.N.T.R.Y.” and “Chase a Little Love” and open up with a heartfelt ballad to fathers everywhere with “Best Seat in the House” and pay tribute to that perfect summer drink and perfect summer fling with “Love Drunk.”
Click HERE to pre-order on iTunes NOW.
LoCash Cover Art- lower Res
If you pre-order on iTunes, you immediately get the fan-favorite, “Bounce.” Want more? Head over to LoCashCowboysMusic.com for deluxe pre-order options!
Pre-Order the album on iTunes NOW, or pick it up on June 18th at your nearest Wal-Mart!
1. Hey Hey Hey
2. Chase a Little Love
3. Love Drunk
4. Best Seat in the House
5. Bounce
6. You Make It Look Good
7. Little Miss Crazyhot
8. I Hope
9. Fine
10. Keep in Mind
11. Independent Trucker (feat. George Jones)
12. C.O.U.N.T.R.Y.

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