Racket County- This is Racket County Lyrics

This is Racket County Lyrics

Yall cut off all that damn racket

First off we try to tell em not to hit the club
broke as hell between us only had a hundred bucks
but it was poppin happy hour so we stopped and had some $1 drafts
it didn’t seem much like a problem
then the ladies started boppin to a ying yang song
I hit the bar took a shot two or three i’m gone

Saw by buddy dancin all up on a little hippie chick
took a solid hit a something said we won’t remember shit
later heard it from some people we was actin a donkey
all them girls that y’all was with hope you know they was raunchy
I don’t wanna hear about it man I hear it at home
people labeled us some home grown honkies

racket racket racket county
racket racket racket county

I came like I did becuz I knew y’all want it
I got a chevy so high I call it snoop dog cousin
and while yall follow suit I just kept on truckin
I been cold blooded im raw I ain’t stepped on nothin
another pissed off redneck shittin on your bedset
I’ll get your skull cracked time to get your head checked
come get your next snap back and I meant that
back road assholes you can GPS that
say we southern and kno nothin of class
you can kiss my poor broke country ass
I’m drinking straight out the bottle and i’m pissing in my yard
yellin racket county ask about me

I’m drinkin straight out the bottle and i’m pissin in my yard
i’m from racket county ask about me

racket racket racket county
racket racket racket county

It feels good to be a redneck backwoods boss understood in these woods
yeah I’m that good Hoss now the tops off never should’ve popped off
I did this album baby boy to get my rock soft
See u search like an addict yeah u need u a hit u tried to make some racket
but I’m pleading the 5th and
all that riff raff chit chat stop that shit u better get back kid u over cooking my Grits
You got eleven teen hundred and 45 sold
U went back woods copper and trailor park gold
I’m just gonna give you my plaque cause I ain’t done yet
and racket be the hottest county up under the sun set bet

racket racket racket county
racket racket racket county

So welcome to the troublesome noise
the countrys runnin’ from
like Hank jr. never sniffed some up off of stripper’s buns
I blame y’all for this maddening direction
what’d you expect when the sticks got sattelite reception
skull crusher like stone cold’s park
nobody touching my rhymes this a no hold’s barr
put that hatchet to your middle’ til your sternum splinters
they think you play for the lakers how the doc staples center
backwoods beast like sasquatch when the track beats
aint nobody messin with me this ain’t jacklinks
so while y’all bicker bout what to call this sound
I’ll be on the tour bus rippin through your town

racket racket racket county
racket racket racket county


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