Pre-Order Hillbilly Rockstar and Receive 3 Tracks Instantly!

Pre-order the brand new album Hillbilly Rockstar from Moccasin Creek and recieve 3 tracks INSTANTLY including,

"Hillbilly Rockstar," "Live, Love, Laugh (feat. Colt Ford),"

and "Stand My Ground."


1. Hillbilly Rockstar

2. Redneckonize

3. Lawn Chairs & Cheap Cigars (feat. Hard Target, Big Chuk, & Big B)

4. Cream Rises

5. Live, Love, Laugh (feat. Colt Ford)

6. Boys in the Woods (feat. Demun Jones)

7. Stand My Ground

8. 1000 Mile Paycheck

9. Trailer Park in Heaven

10. Low Life

11. Dirt Road Diaries

12. Out the Chute

13. I'm Coming Home

14. Old Glory


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