Kevin Fowler has been enjoying his first Top 40 Country hit in the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, with his recent release to radio, Pound Sign.

Fowler may be new to the mainstream Country music world, but he has been prominently engaging in the Red Dirt, Texas-music scene for many years as a performer and songwriter. Kevin Fowler’s writing has landed a few songs in the Nashville scene, with established artists recording Fowler’s work. Fowler wrote Sammy Kershaw’s 2003 single “Beer, Bait & Ammo,” Mark Chesnutt’s 2004 single “The Lord Loves the Drinkin’ Man,” and Montgomery Gentry’s 2009 single “Long Line of Losers.”

The Texas native has released five studio albums in his career, with his most recent album set to release in October. Kevin said the official name of the album hasn’t been decided, in a recent interview with me on 100.1 KYKC-FM.

I had to ask Kevin Fowler his thoughts of sharing the stage with newcomer, Nashville-recording artist, Brantley Gilbert. Fowler shared, “I’ve never seen Gilbert perform live, but I will at our show at the ballroom. I heard he rocks the stage. So far, he and I have only sat down and had lunch together. We’ll see how it goes Friday.”

Fowler should be pretty proud of Friday night’s performance from not only Brantley Gilbert, but himself as well.

The show sold out days before the two were scheduled to take the stage at the Arbuckle Ballroom in Davis, Oklahoma.

Brantley Gilbert’s recent album, Halfway to Heaven, is still breaking it’s way into the radio world. One the album makes it’s way into the radio stations, it’s like a music explosion; Gilbert captivates a listener from starting out rocking, to slowing things down with a love song.

The song from the album most KYKC listeners request, is “Kick It in the Sticks,” which has a southern rock feel musically, but a good ol’ country boy feel lyrically.

Doors opened at the ballroom at pm on Friday, but by 6pm, the line for the show was already long. Fans were ready.

Brantley Gilbert took the stage and made it his at 9pm. Fifteen minutes into his set, Kevin Fowler snuck in backstage.

Fowler stood beside me, so I had to ask just what he thought of Brantley’s performance.

“I love it,” Fowler stated.

And, so did the fans.

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Even though Gilbert is a Georgia boy, and his music is more known there, Gilbert fans from Oklahoma sure knew every word to every song during his performance Friday night. Guys and gals alike crowded along the front of the stage sang along to each song. Brantley is defintely expanding far past the walls of Georgia with his performing and songwriting.

In a recent interview with Brantley, he shared his excitement of hit-Country artist, Jason Aldean, recording Gilbert’s song, “My Kind of Party.” Brantley shared, “I couldn’t ask for more. What an honor that Jason Aldean chose to sing a song I wrote. It doesn’t get any better than this.”

Brantley did an excellent job working the crowd up as the opening act, for Kevin Fowler’s headlining performance.

Fowler performed a variety of songs and kept the crowd from the ballroom hanging on until the very last song.

For more information on Kevin Fowler, click here. For Brantley Gilbert, click here.

Photo: Amber Taylor

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