Hey everyone!  Thank you all for going to download Shine Deluxe last week.  We had great numbers!  We peaked at #25 on Itunes Country Album Chart and “Drunk Enough” had a ton of downloads.  If you haven’t already downloaded the album or the new songs, please do so.  More importantly please send all of your friends and family to do it.  Here is the link to Shine Deluxe on itunes:
Shine Deluxe on iTunes
Also, XM11 the Nashville channel on XM is playing “Drunk Enough” a lot.  You can request the song and give feedback a few different ways.  It will help a ton for XM11 to hear from my fans that you love the song and want to hear it more.  You can listen online if you don’t have XM in your car or at home.
Here is the link to request:
Shinefest tickets will be going up for sale soon, so be on the lookout for those.  In the meantime, reserve your room or cabin at www.fontanavillage.com.  Shinefest will be held August 13 and 14.
Thank you for your support and keep spreading the word!

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